Wyndridge Farms About Us

Angie and David Holt, along with Jerry Rathburn own and manage 396 acres of rolling farmland in northern Kentucky.  We established our home and lifestyle with a love of the farm and a 5 year plan to raise 50 feeder calves for sale commercially each fall.  Our herd consists of commercial Black Angus and Black/White Face Cross cattle.

As with any plan, things change.  We have been enjoying freezer beef raised on the farm with our own family, and are now expanding to offer the same quality product that you can feel good about sharing with your family.  Our cattle are born and locally raised without artificial enhancements such as growth hormones, nor have they been treated with antibiotics.  All of our cattle are pasture-raised in as natural a farm setting as possible.

Our cattle are rotationally moved from pasture to pasture to maintain a healthy stand of grass.  This also provides for as much seasonal grass exposure as possible.  During the inclimate winter months they have free choice rations of mixed grass hay, supplemented with a corn feed mix.

All cattle being processed recieve a 60 day ration of cracked corn, free choice hay and fresh water.  This feed ration provides the best possible finishing to produce perfectly marbled cuts of beef.


We are proud to announce that Owen and Sarah are now big brother and sister to twin sisters Lora and Megan born on October 15, 2012.


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